I meet with orphans each and every day. To help them look forward to the future, I share my story with them. I imagine a great tomorrow not just for myself, but for the orphans around the world. You see, it’s been my dream to give hope to the hopeless, and to fulfill this dream, I keep my faith in God close to my heart. It is true to say, “Faith without works is dead.” So I do my best to be an example to the kids who have been bitten by bitterness, sorrow, pains and sufferings. Being an orphan myself, I have felt the pain of their sting. I knew the size of their shoes; and for this reason of compassion, I dare to be a voice for the voiceless. I know good and well not every child will get the opportunity to stand tall despite his/her challenges. Yet I say, “Not one child has to go unnoticed.” I truly believe that even in ashes, there is hope. I wake up each morning expecting God to use me in a great way. After all He woke me up, so I know I have a purpose! Therefore I do not work hoping to receive an award. In fact, I have never received an award for the things I do, but I am pleased that I have touched many lives. My mission is far from complete and to be honest, I need YOUR help. Yes you! Just think of the difference we can make together! Let’s keep HOPE alive.