I feel heartbroken seeing a hungry child lying or wandering on the street with no sense of hope. It hurts to see others hurting. Sometimes, one cannot do much, but at other times one cannot stand there and just watch the hungry/diseased child die. I have always had that caring class of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it. Being an orphan, I’ve come to identify with the afflictions of orphans and it’s been my heart desire to help them redefine their lives by being the light in their lives. I think that’s what we should all do. We should all have a deep awareness of compassion for children, and it doesn’t take much to do this. The cost is only a compassionate heart. Having compassion will put smiles on their faces and brings out the best in them. Someone smiled on me and that is why I am smiling big today. Being there for them helps them to be free. But you know freedom does not come freely. It’s very expensive to be free.  In order to be free we have to love ourselves and the people God has positioned in our lives. Have a little compassion. It can go a long way.