Love is Eternal. We cannot revolutionize the world if we hate one another. Love will take us to places that hatred cannot. We need to love and to be loved if we want to change the world. Love is the energy that propels us to nurse back to health the broken hearted and the wounded soul. I have never done anything without love. I fell in love with encouraging orphans right from the day I came to the reality that I was one of them. For me, I saw it as a calling, to love the hurting and care for the perishing. Because tomorrow is not promised, we must love. Because we don’t want to repeat yesterday’s mistakes, we must love; and for the splendour of tomorrow, we must love. No one was born to be hated. No one was born to be unloved. We were all born into a lovely society, although it can be detestable at times.Nevertheless let’s not mock the orphans. Let’s love them just as we love ourselves. Come along with me on my journey and announce to the whole world that, “Being an orphan does not make you worthless.” Heed to this calling of Love and Today, if you see the broken soul, the sick and the poor. Open your heart, extend your hand and together we can make this world a better place.