The Tale of an Orphan a Lesson to Learn



About the book:

This book is about life. How painful and beautiful it can be. It is a lesson teacher as well as a comforter. It is an encourager as well as a chastiser. It is a journey through a storm with a triumphant ending. It is a book that can help change the world; a spellbinding memoir of childhood aching sadness and desperate humor. It is a testament which makes you believe, in spite of poverty and death, there is hope for the future. This chronicle of amazing triumph against all odds will help you understand life properly and live to be a blessing to the world.

Reader Comments & Reviews

“This was a wonderful book. Everyone would benefit from reading it. It is a true story that you and I have no idea about the world of children. We are so blessed; time to stop being lazy stand up make changes.” –Gloria

This was such an inspirational story. Moving and so very thought-provoking, we’re able to follow his journey as he strives to overcome the hardships he faces within his everyday life. His unwavering faith is the one thing that drives him, allowing him to make his dreams come true. We’re able to feel his ever-growing appreciation for the Man upstairs, understand his doubts and insecurities, and admire his perseverance when no one else thought he’d come this far. A truly remarkable story, it’s one I definitely recommend reading. –N.Medina

Great book by a great mind; I was soaked in the life story of an amazing writer who triumphed beyond any challenge that came his way. The amazing stuff about to this book is, it is easy to relate with”. –Wilson the Poet

“Okay, I have read many books, and I am only on Chapter four of this book, but I am moved by this young man’s life. It not has only touched my heart, but has caused me to look inwardly about myself and see some changes that need to be made. I seriously recommend this book to anyone and everyone. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!” —Kyrie976


Pauline Long Show 2015


Pauline Long Show 2015